Robert A. McNeil


Internal Revenue Service

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I am NOT a “tax protester”, and I am NOT “anti-government”.

I AM a 21st Century American Revolutionary!

I stand firmly against corrupt, illegal government and against fraud and unconstitutional activity by any person or agency.

I pay taxes in many forms, including property taxes, state and local sales taxes on purchases of goods, Federal gasoline taxes, Federal telephone taxes, and Federal customs duties and tariffs when I purchase goods imported from foreign countries.

The documents and links provided on this website are for educational purposes only.

Feel free to download any documents that are of interest to you. 

There is nothing for sale here and I do NOT recommend that others follow the path I have taken.

Although I am a perpetual student of the U.S. Constitution and the Law,

I am not an attorney and do not offer any legal advice.

The website was originally created in September, 2007 and revised in April, 2019.