Welcome to My Redesigned Website

For those of you wondering what happened to me, I took down my old website because I decided it was time to completely redesign it. The old site was created in 2007 and, in my opinion, needed a facelift.

So, here is the newly redesigned website with brighter colors, all new content, and easier navigation.

In particular, I call your attention to the “Lawsuits” page where I have placed each of our lawsuits on its own page. There, you will find a narrative describing the issues surrounding the case, along with links to every document filed into the Court record.

At the bottom of the page are links to the U.S. District Court, Court of Appeals, and Supreme Court docket sheets (as applicable). There, you can open the desired docket sheet, scan the case activity from beginning to end, and click on a document link to open, read, download and/or share it.

Also new is the “Donate” page, which I encourage you to visit. Battling the IRS, DoJ and Federal judges is expensive when considering the court filing fees, printing, and postage costs. Since 2016, when I first began keeping records, I have incurred almost $29,000 in costs to prosecute these cases. Much of that amount came out of my own pocket, but, the remainder was donated by patriots who recognize the value of the work being done by Michael Ellis and myself to end the IRS record falsification scheme and restore to Rule of Law to America. To those who donated, I am eternally grateful. If you would like to donate to the cause, there are several ways to do so and all amounts are welcome and appreciated.

As you peruse the website, please let me know if you find any typos, links that don't work, or if you have any suggestions to make the site better. Just send me a note on the “Contacts” page and I’ll be happy to make the necessary corrections.

Finally, be sure to share the website on all your social media outlets and with everyone you know.

Thank you!

More blogs are on their way.

In liberty,