Links to Interviews Discussing IRS Computer Fraud

For those of you who might have missed them, here are the links to the interviews in which Michael Ellis and I participated:

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Al Adask’s radio program The American Independence Hour (2 hours)

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Interview with Angela Stark on Talkshoe (2 hours)

In these interviews, we discussed our 5-year battle to enjoin the IRS from falsifying its internal Individual Master File (IMF) records to make it appear that the IRS created Substitute For Returns (SFRs) on certain dates on behalf of so-called “non-filers”, when, in fact, we discovered by way of Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) responses that IRS never prepares SFRs for anyone on any date.

Further, based on the dates shown in its falsified IMF records, IRS then creates Form 4340 Certificate of Assessments that the Department of Justice (DoJ) attorneys use in court as proof of the alleged income tax liability.

Finally, the DoJ attorney secures a Declaration from a pseudonym-d IRS Revenue Officer who makes the totally unsupported statement that “a duly authorized delegate of the Secretary of the Treasury made timely assessments against [NAME] for individual federal income taxes, penalties, interest, and other statutory additions for the taxable year(s) xxxx…..

So, based on fraudulent records submitted by the IRS and DoJ, the judge typically rules in favor of the IRS and issues a judgment to collect the alleged income tax liability.

Please set aside the time to educate yourself about the fraudulent nature of the income tax system.

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